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Welcome to SKUworld, where technology meets innovation to transform the way businesses organize and access their SKU data across diverse industries.


In an era driven by digital transformation and information overload, SKUworld emerges as a beacon of data efficiency and organization, offering cutting-edge solutions to simplify the complex landscape of data management.


Featured Product:
Customer Portal

SKUworld is excited to introduce our revolutionary Customer Portal, a game-changer in the realm of home building. Collaboratively, we aim to revolutionize the experience for new residential home builders by providing an unparalleled level of connectivity, education, and simplicity for their customers. Through our intuitive platform, builders can seamlessly connect with their clients, offering real-time updates and valuable insights into the progress of their new home journey. Acting as a centralized hub, the portal facilitates the sharing of development overviews, home details, lot specifications, milestones in the building journey, design selections, documents, and more. This not only fosters transparency but also cultivates trust throughout the entire home-building process.

A standout feature of our customer portal is its educational component, empowering homebuyers with comprehensive information for every phase of the construction journey. From the initial planning and design stages to the concluding moments of completion, the portal serves as an invaluable educational resource. It delivers multimedia content, tutorials, and interactive guides that simplify the complexities inherent in the home-building process. This dual focus on connectivity and education ensures that buyers remain well-informed and actively engaged throughout their construction journey, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and the realization of successful home builds.

No Home Builder ERP?  No problem!   SKUworld offers a full standalone solution for managing your customer portal.

Utilizing a Home Builder ERP?  Excellent!   SKUworld offers our industry leading ERP Connect to seamlessly exchange data between our systems.   Manage your data in your ERP, but provide customer specific access where desired.

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