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Search, manage, collaborate, and integrate SKU data!

Data management, database manager, cloud
SKU Data Management
  • Selectivity search across manufacturers and product lines to identify SKUs

  • Compare SKU product data

  • Elegantly view 2D and 3D product images

  • Easily manage discontinued SKUs

  • Organize and structure SKU product data with enhanced data specs

Image by John Schnobrich
Collaboration and List Management
  • Share product information with homeowners and manufacturers

  • Build specific product option and upgrade lists with ease

  • Create and export collage PDF lists and SKU specs to excel

  • Collaborate internally to drive process efficiencies

  • Clone prebuilt lists to gain productivity and improve teamwork

Woman working with documents, tablet pc
  • Leverage SKUWorld's REST API to integrate with other third party applications

  • Utilize SKUWorld's direct connection capabilities to link SKU data with ERP data 

  • Upload SKU spec data from SKUWorld's MS Excel export feature

  • Enable 3D and virtual reality applications with SKUWorld's 3D viewer, image repository, and enhanced data specs

  • Embed SKU data into your website or application 

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